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Vintage Cars

Hotrods and Muscle Cars

Arrowtown Garage has some of the best Vintage Car Mechanics in New Zealand who have been part of the Central Otago Vintage Car Club for many many years. This is a specialised group of mechanics that know about old cars, vintage cars and old school mechanics. We service all types of vintage vehicles as well as restore vintage vehicles for clients. Come and chat to Dave and Alister at the Arrowtown Garage all about your custom hotrod project or service he is a world of information and knowledge on hotrods.

Vintage cars are unique, rare and very special to the owners. Servicing vintage cars takes an old school mechanic that knows what they are doing and can offer the best vintage car service in New Zealand. Our mechanics are not only have knowledge on vintage cars they are 100% invested in the game with vintage car collections of their own.

It takes a special old school mechanic to know all the ins and outs of vintage cars they need a lot more love them the modern cars which is why we love them so much. We need to be sure the vintage vehicle is reliable, it must perform well and most of all it must be safe to drive and confirm to all the NZTA regulations.

Our vintage car mechanics at Arrowtown Garage have all the skills and know how to bring all of this together and give your vintage cars the service they deserve.

If you have a vintage car that you need to service or restore get in touch with us at at Arrowtown Garage.

*Vintage car services and restorations are all unique. Individual costings will have to be done on your build. In order to get a quote on your vision for your car get in touch with us and we can come out and talk you through your options.  We will let you know in advance our expected parts and labour cost threshold for contacting you prior to work happening.

For a free consultation and estimate for vehicle management please feel free to give us a call on +64 03 442 1808

Servicing and restoring vintage cars since.... A long time ago...

Send us a message and we will get back to you to you about your vintage car requirements.

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