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Auto Electrician

Auto electrician for your electrical issues.

Arrowtown Garage Auto Electrician are auto electrician who specializes in the electric systems contained within automotive vehicles. Arrowtown Garage Auto Electricians are experts on all of the systems in your car that you only notice when something goes wrong. Your vehicles headlights, diagnostic lights, alarm system, circuit board, alternator and starter motor all fall under the Arrowtown Garages Auto Electrician’s area of expertise.

The role of Arrowtown Garage Auto Electrician involves constant activity and troubleshooting. We have experienced auto electricians at Arrowtown Garage who are ready to assist you with your auto electrical problems.

Once an Arrowtown Garage Auto Electrician diagnoses an issue within a vehicle’s electrical systems, they develop and execute a repair plan for the issue. Given that today’s vehicles are increasingly electronic, this includes, but is not limited to: alarm systems, windows and locks, interior and exterior lighting and the internal CPU.

Another service provided by the Arrowtown Garage Auto Electrician is to install interior electrical systems. This includes GPS systems, radios, sound systems and television screens

One of the primary diagnostic tests performed by an Arrowtown Garage Auto Electrician is headlight alignment and intensity. They use their knowledge of auto electrical industry quality and safety standards to ensure headlights are in the perfect zone between too dim and too bright.

*Costs of auto electrical services depend on the type of job. All auto electrical faults are different and can take various amounts of time to locate. We will let you know in advance our expected costs prior to work happening.

For a free consultation and estimate for vehicle auto electrical needs please feel free to give us a call on +64 03 442 1808

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