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Tyres and Puncture Repairs

Fixing tyres and punctures

At Arrowtown Garage we offer tyre and puncture repair services. We can replace your old tyres with our range of tyres. We also do puncture repairs for all vehicles.Tyre rotation is a good way to prevent wear and tear on your tyres. Pop into Arrowtown Garage and have your tyres rotated by one of our professional tyre mechanics.

All tyres can get punctures and this is an unavoidable fact of motoring. In most cases vehicle punctures can be repaired safely within the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations and the regulations or standards concerning safe tyre repairs and methods. Arrowtown Garage will only repair tyres that sit completely within these rules for your safety and peace of mind. If the tyre can not be repaired we can offer a replacement tyre

Arrowtown Garage mechanics will determine whether a tyre can be repaired safely, the tyre must be removed from the wheel and inspected thoroughly inside and out.

Once the Arrowtown Garage mechanic is that the tyre can be repaired and the damage is located in the allowed repair zone, we will mend the puncture and refit the tyre to the wheel and balance the whole assembly before refitting to the vehicle.

Some types or brands of tyres and damage of tyres cannot be repaired safely according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and should be disposed of if punctured or damaged.

NB*** We do not repair tyres if it is unsafe to do so.

The tyre must be removed from the wheel in order to accurately assess its actual condition and the type of repair required.

These are common faults which can not be repaired

  • Visible or deformed bead wire
  • Heating and separation of internal plies or layers
  • Deterioration due to solvents, grease or corrosive particles
  • Creasing or mottling of the interior lining (inside rubber)
  • Circular wear on the sidewall due to contact between the rubber and the ground
  • Cracked rubber due to ageing of the tyre.

At Arrowtown Garage safety is on the top of our priority list so we will only repair tyres that can be used safely without risk.

  • Steer clear of debris on the road where possible.
  • Check your tyre tread doesn’t have embedded stones fragments, glass chunks, or other sharp objects. They can work their way in deeper to cause a puncture.
  • Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated.
  • Don’t forget to check your spare tyre too.

If you are not sure about the safety of your tyres pop into Arrowtown Garage and we will give you a FREE tyre assessment by one of our qualified mechanics.

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